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No Keurig K-Cups Here

Save 40%. BUT you will need a special adaptor.

A special adaptor is required to use your Keurig Brewer for Coffeepods and Save $$.

Enjoy great tasting coffee pods with your Keurig brewer by using the Perfect Pod Holster.You'll save 40% on coffee and be able to brew hundreds of different flavors, blends and teas in addition to those offered in Keurig K cups.

Use Coffee Pods in Keurig with ADAPTOR and save $$.

The Keurig coffee maker was designed, manufactured and marketed to facilitate the sale of coffee that is packaged in K-Cups. The K-Cup is a small plastic cup that is a proprietary product of Keurig.

Thousands of coffee lovers have purchased Keurig coffee makers and then realized that they were restricted to using only one brand of coffee. They also realized that the only brand of coffee that they could use cost almost $0.50 each! That's almost twice as much as our gourmet coffee pods.

Our great tasting Cafejo Coffee Pods are a perfect match for the Keurig coffee maker using a Perfect Pod Holster. There are several reasons why they are a perfect match.

Each of our coffee pods contain 30% to 45% more coffee than the grocery store pods.

Because of the design of the Perfect Pod Holster, our heavier coffee pods fit tighter when they're compressed inside the Pod Holster and none of the water is allowed to bypass the coffee pod.

Note pictures below. The water enters the coffee pod in the center, but unlike most pod brewers*, the base that the coffee pod rests on causes the water to exit the coffee pod around the bottom outside perimeter. This forces the water to take a much longer route through coffee pod and improves the amount of coffee extraction considerably.

This may take your coffee taste buds to a new level.

*The Aquabrew CJ1000 coffee pod brewer is also designed to route the exit water to the bottom outside perimeter of the coffee pod. Who ever designed that pod holder really knew what they were doing!

Perfect Pod Holster for Keurig Coffee Makers

(For all models except the B100)

The Perfect Pod Holster for Keurig Coffee Makers is distributed by ARM Industries and As Seen On TV Products. It is available at several online grocery warehouses. It is a reusable cup with a spring mechanism that holds a pod tight for proper brewing.

Perfect Pod Holster
Pod Holster Directions for Use
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