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Juan Valdez Coffee Pods

Juan Valdez Coffee Pods, Colombian Coffee, is Most Popular.

Juan Valdez Coffee Pods, Colombian Coffee, is Probably the Most Popular Coffee in the USA. This is because the Colombian Coffee Grower Associations adopted Juan Valdez and his Donkey as the 'Poster Boys' for all of their media advertising.

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30% More Coffee than Senseo Pods (by weight)

Experience what your Juan Valdez brewer was DESIGNED to do.

You know what you really want:

Exceptional Quality - Value - Prompt Delivery - VARIETY

QUALITY - Arabica coffee pods (not the Robusta found in the grocery store) and the finest tea pods in YOUR Variety Pack.
FRESH - packaged into single serve coffee pods in a nitrogen environment for 12 months of guaranteed freshness. Compare this to "bagged" coffee pods where fresh ground taste is gone within hours when opened.
PERFECT FIT - Cafejo coffee pods are Juan Valdez compatible coffee pods and tea pods (standard 60mm coffee pod).
CoffeePods2U Senseo compatible coffee pods and tea pods for single cup coffee brewers allow you to brew perfect coffee your way - one delicious cup at a time. 

Experience the gourmet coffee pod difference!
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