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CoffeePods with Free Shipping is equal to a 20% discount on coffeepods. Expect great tasting coffeepods, dependable service and a high value coffeepod purchase with live customer support. Free shipping on all orders over $60.

UPS RATES have increased almost 40% in the last 5 years.

We Only Ship to Destinations In the United States of America.

Duration of UPS Shipments
The average duration of all our UPS shipments is 5.8 days. Locations within California are delivered in 2 or 3 days and deliveries to the north east coast is usually 6 days but can take up to 8 days.

Weekend and Holiday Orders:
All orders received on Friday, Saturday and Sunday or a Holiday are shipped the next business day.
Preferred Shipping Methods and your Carrier Selections:
You will always be given the opportunity to choose UPS or USPS* when you place your coffee pod order.

UPS Ground is best choice for shipping coffee pods in the USA.

* We include the USPS option for military personal and for those who only use P.O. Boxes. *USPS Priority Mail does not track shipments and shipments seldom reaches destination in 3 days.
Tracking Your Order
You can always track coffee pod orders shipped by UPS. It usually takes two days after UPS has picked up the package before tracking information is available from them at From that point forward the information is instantaneous and precise. In fact, so precise it will report 'Out for delivery' which means that your package is on a truck in your neighborhood.

Instructions for Tracking the Progress of your Shipment here at our web site
Your order number is included on the sale confirmation email that we send to you after you place an order. To track your order, go online to and click on 'Order Tracking' at the top right corner of all pages. Enter your order number in the box when requested and then click 'View'. A page with your UPS tracking number will appear. Copy that number and then go to www, and paste or type the number into the 'Tracking' box and click 'Track'.
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