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Coffee Pods  &  Keurig K-Cup French Press

Coffee Pods

Our coffee beans are high quality Arabica coffee. They are custom roasted, ground and compacted into coffee pods that are perfectly designed to be brewed in a high pressure coffee pod brewer in less than 45 seconds. Great robust coffee flavors and a full eight ounce cup with only one coffee pod.  

Our customers have spoken. Based on their repeat purchases, many for over ten years, the Gold Series coffee pods have proven to be the best coffee pods. Ninety percent of our customers are repeating customers and seventy percent of all orders include some Gold Series coffee pods.The Gold Series:  Adrenaline Explosion,  Colombian Gold,  Espresso Gold.

Celebrating our tenth year serving the internet community premium quality coffee pods and dependable Customer Service since 2004.

To place an order select the order Quick and Easy page in the list of pages at the left. This consolidated ordering page was added for the convenience of our repeating customers to find and order their favorite blends Quick and Easy.

We only ship fresh roasted coffee pods and, rairly, due to supply and demand some blends may be unavailable but, this only happens a few times a year and the delay never longer than a few days. does not ship from a large grocery warehouse.

Keurig K-Cups are not Coffee Pods. Keurig brewers will only brew Krurig's coffee in K-Cups. Coffee Pods, our product, cannot be used in a Keurig K-Cup brewer without a special adaptor.

Coffee Pods! Great tasting, 30% heavier than Senseo coffeepods and still fit all standard single cup coffee pod brewers. Great Selection of over 30 Blends of Arabica coffees, Blends, Flavors and Tea. Brew a full 8 ounce cup of good, strong coffee with only one pod.

Shipping to The United States of America Only

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Coffee Pods and Single Serve Pods All With The Same Great Coffee

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